I am merely a citizen who like so many others is overwhelmed by the onslaught of billions of dollars in debt that we the citizens of this fine country are being hoodwinked into accepting.

The only option is to make massive changes to the way our government and elected officials spend our money.

While as a citizen there is very little that we can do on a national level, but at the city level our voices can be heard. They will be heard when corruption is discovered and exposed to the will of the people.

I created this blog and web site after reading the Overton Window by Glen Beck. Although quite fictional I began to realize that with the advent of the internet the common man can have a voice and that voice can be most effective at the local level.

We have much to talk about this year as we push forward. By all accounts, the economy, the dollar, the foreclosures, the job situation etc are all getting worse by the minute.

Even if Obama is a magician it will be 2 years before there is a glimmer of hope. The homeowner aid programs are window dressing. Even the Sheila Bair one from FDIC/Indy Mac while well-intentioned does little for most homeowners. The ONLY hope for homeowners and the only hope for our economy is if we face the music and take the free market enthusiasts at their word, to wit: everyone agrees they artificially inflated real estate values and those values are still too high for the market to support.

All this is causing unforeseen deficits an runaway taxation to make up the difference. We must get back to wage and price reality and move on to hold our elected officials accountable.


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