Is Diane Rose Already Appointed As New Port Commissioner….Now…Just How To Create The Illusion Of Due Process?

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Submitted by Ed Kravitz on Sun, 2010-05-23 18:07.

“Thank you for making me Imperial Beach’s new Port Commissioner.”

” Here’s how we did it! ” “I mean …..Here’s how we’re going to do it !”


6.2 PORT COMMISSIONER APPOINTMENT PROCESS. (0150-70)CITY MANAGER BROWN introduced the item.MAYOR JANNEY recommended City Council approve the Port Commissioner appointment at the same meeting as the applicant interviews on August 11, 2010.Consensus of City Council to approve the Port Commissioner Position Specifications and torevise the Port Commissioner appointment process timeline by approving the new PortCommissioner appointment at the same meeting as the applicant interviews onAugust 11, 2010.


6.3 REQUEST FOR AD HOC COMMITTEE – PORT COMMISSIONER APPOINTMENTPROCESS. (0410-50).City Manager’s Recommendation:1. Mayor recommend two (2) Councilmembers to serve on the ad hoc committee for thepurpose of creating the application and questions for the Port Commissionerappointment process; and2. City Council approve Mayor’s recommendation; and3. Staff further recommends that the ad hoc committee be dissolved after interview

questions and application are designed, approximately by July 1, 2010.


Diane will be off the committee before her name goes into nomination….thus she will contend she has no percieved conflict of interest any longer since she no longer sits on the AD HOC Committee….Ah…but she will know the questions and the answers before the actual interviews take place. That’s like getting a look at the exam before the actual test date! I would expect nothing less than dirty from Diane Rose and this council.


For When You’re Feeling Really Dirty !


Most of the time after doing the public’s business ,I feel so “UN-CLEAN” afterwards ! How about you Patricia?

“That’s Right Diane !” “Me Too ! ”

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