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We signed the “RECALL THE COMPTON CITY COUNCIL” petition!
# 11:
8:04 pm PST, Dec 23, Name not displayed, California
# 10:
4:12 pm PST, Nov 3, Rick Bates, California
mayor perrodin wants compton pd back just to have control and let crime back into compton where most of the crimes were done by compton pd officers and officals like perrodin
# 9:
6:43 pm PDT, Sep 23, LOINI IUTA, California
# 8:
11:10 am PDT, Sep 16, John Sims, California
# 6:
4:49 pm PDT, Aug 10, Aaron Thompson, California
This Mayor and Council are out of control. The shifting of 20 million dollors pales in comparison to what theu will actually spend. 45 to 50 million dollars will be needed to bring back a department wrought with corruptions, scandels and scroundrals. Eric Perridon is on a power trip and needs to be stopped. This move is just the beginning of th end of this city. SOS……….Save our Sheriff’s!
# 2:
10:30 am PDT, Aug 7, Name not displayed, California
If this move is not about the people, then our elected officials have forgotten what the office is about. When will there be an elected official that will look out for the people of Compton and not embarrass it’s citizens or disregard the wish of the people?
# 1:
9:29 am PDT, Aug 7, Robert Ray, California


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